Fraud attempts increase during the holiday season. Be cautious of any contact you receive by phone, text or email. City will never reach out to request your personal information. 

What can I do to avoid overdrafts?

Know your balance

  • Take advantage of free online banking to check your account balance, transfer funds and make loan payments anytime. Enroll now or log in in to your online banking account.
  • Set up account alerts. We'll text or email you when your balance is low.Log into your online banking account to set up alerts.  
  • Download City's mobile app and check your balance, transfer funds and more. All while on the go.
  • If you have a joint account, designate one person as the account manager.
  • Review your finances weekly. Set a time each week to go over your spending.
  • Keep a running account balance by entering all checks, ATM transactions, debit transactions, account fees and deposits in your register.
  • Balance your check register against your statement every month.

Make the Most of your money

  • Never write a check or make a charge on your debit card for more than you have in your account.
  • Make sure deposits into your account clear before withdrawing cash against those deposits.
  • Consider direct deposit.

Keep your account safe

  • Report stolen checks or debit cards immediately.
  • Don't use other people's checks or debit cards or let them use yours.
  • Update your personal information when moving or changing names.
  • Keep your checks and debit card in a safe place.

Know your overdraft protection options

  • Review your overdraft protection options online or call or visit your local branch to learn more.
  • Use a budget worksheet to determine which overdraft option is right for your income and expenses.

Use check writing best practices

  • Always use a pen.
  • Never sign blank checks.
  • Be cautious of post-dating checks.
  • Destroy voided or unused checks and deposit slips.

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