What City Does to Help

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What does City do to help me avoid overdrafts?

  • We know that mistakes happen. At City, we'll waive the fees for the first two non-sufficient funds items you incur during the life of your account.
  • City provides a number of ways for you to check your account balance anywhere, anytime. Always know your account balance by using City's free online banking, free mobile1 banking, free text banking and free telephone banking.
  • City allows you to sign up for low-balance alerts that tell you when your account balance drops below a certain limit. Log into your online banking account to set up alerts.
  • City posts all of your deposits to your account first, before any checks or other debits. Debits post to your account based on a "posting order" which is not always the order in which the transactions occurred:
    • Deposits received the same business day post first2
    • Debit card transactions post in this order
      • Recurring debit card transactions (such as insurance premiums)
      • ATM cash withdrawals
      • Point-of-sale debit transactions (purchases made at retail establishments, such as a grocery store)
      • Point-of-sale pre-authorized debit transactions (automated payments, such as a monthly gym membership)
    • Debits without serial numbers post in this order
      • Over-the-counter checks
      • Federal checks
      • Wire transfers
      • Telephone transfers
      • Automatic funds transfers
      • ACH debits
    • Force paid items post in this order
      • Force pay paper transactions
      • Force pay electronic transactions
    • Debits with a serial number post last, in this order
      • Numerically by serial number (check number)
      • Transaction code
      • Dollar amount

    Note: All transactions within a category post from lowest dollar amount to highest dollar amount.

    1 Your third party provider may charge for message and data plans.

    2 Mobile deposits generally post on the second business day.