Mobile App FAQs

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Get ready for a more customizable mobile banking experience with more features than ever before. City’s new mobile app provides updated capabilities to help you stay on top of your finances. Learn about the new app by reviewing the following frequently asked questions.

Q. Why is City getting a new app?

A. City recognizes the need to provide you with a mobile banking app that caters to your on-the-go needs and allows you to easily manage your finances from your fingertips. The new CNB Mobile Bank app provides enhanced features and capabilities; and delivers a better digital banking experience.

Q. What new features/improvements can I expect from the new app?

A. CNB Mobile Bank provides a customized banking experience and allows you to organize features in a way which best suits your needs. We’ve also enhanced account details made available to you within the mobile app, and have made support resources more easily available.

Q. How do I get the new app?

A. Because CNB Mobile Bank is a new mobile app entirely, you’ll need to download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Q. What if I accidentally delete the old app before I am ready?

A. The old app will no longer be available for download in the Apple App Store or Google Play store effective June 9. Once you delete the old app, you’ll only have the option to access the new CNB Mobile Bank app. The old app will no longer be usable after July 24.

Q. Who is eligible to use the new CNB Mobile Bank app?

A. If you’re an existing online or mobile banking customer, you will be able to access the CNB Mobile Bank app. If you’re not yet enrolled in online or mobile banking please call your local branch to request access.

Q. How do I sign in to the new app?

A. If you’re already an online or mobile banking customer, you can access with your existing credentials. If you use Touch ID or Facial Recognition, you will have to enter your password; however, you can reestablish your login preferences on the CNB Mobile Bank app. If you need assistance with password resets you can utilize the Forgot Password option, contact your local City National Bank branch or contact our Customer Care Center at 888-816-8064.

Q. Will my existing transfers automatically convert to the new app?

A. Any future transfer scheduled from the old mobile app will not convert and will need to be scheduled again.

Q. Can I enroll in alerts with the new app?

A. Yes, you can enroll in balance and transaction alerts with CNB Mobile Bank. These can be delivered as in-app messages, text and/or email alerts.

Q. Will online banking be updated also?

A. We do have plans to update online banking; however, we want to allow you the opportunity to first grow accustomed to the new CNB Mobile Bank app. The good news is that when online banking is updated, it will function similarly to the new app. We will provide more information prior to any online banking updates.