Text Banking

Checking your balance and seeing transactions have never been easier.


Text banking allows you to quickly request and receive account information via text message. No need to sign in – all you need to do is text short commands to 89549. You can also add this number to your contacts for easy access in the future. Best of all – it’s free!*

The most popular text commands are:

  • BAL account balances
  • BAL Mobile Short Name Single account balance
  • HIST account recent activity
  • HIST Mobile Short Name Single account activity
  • HELP Get help for text banking commands
  • STOP Cancel text banking

Get started now – follow these easy steps:

  1. Log in to Online Banking and click Options.
  2. Click Mobile Settings and then Text Mobile Settings.
  3. Follow the simple instructions, check the accounts you’d like access to and submit.

*Third party fees for message and data plans may apply.