Mobile Banking FAQs

Convenient banking from your mobile device lets you access your accounts wherever and whenever you want.

 Mobile Banking FAQs


Q. What is City's Mobile Banking?
A. City's mobile banking allows anyone with online banking to access their eligible accounts from a cell phone or mobile device. You can deposit checks, check account balances, review recent account activity, pay bills and transfer money between accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through City's mobile app on your phone or tablet or through your mobile device's browser.


Q. How do I enroll?
A. Log in to online banking and click the Options tab. Then click Mobile Settings and complete the 3 easy steps on the screen to enroll.


After enrolling, you will receive a text message that includes the URL to access the Mobile Banking browser.


Please note: If you did not select to receive text alerts during the enrollment process, you will not receive a text message.


Q. I want to download the app. What type of device do I need?

A. To run the CNB Mobile app, your mobile device must be capable of running apps. Currently supported mobile devices are:

  • iPhone,® iPad,® or iPod Touch® version 3.13.1p1 or higher with iOS 7.0 or higher.
  • Android™ phone version 3.16.1 or higher.

Keep in mind that your mobile device must be web-enabled. Also, your mobile network must allow secure SSL traffic. (You may need to contact your mobile provider to determine this).


Q. How do I download the app?

A. Apple® users, click here.

    Android users, click here.


Or, search the App Store™ or the Google Play™ store. Search for City National Bank and look for the app with the City logo.

Q. How can I use mobile banking without downloading the app?
A. First, enroll in online banking. Then, visit from your phone's mobile browser.


To access your accounts through your phone's browser, your mobile device must support web browsing (which usually requires a data plan as part of your service).

Q. Are there any fees to use City's mobile banking?

A. City National Bank does not charge to use the mobile app or to access your account through your phone's browser; however, your wireless provider's standard rates, including data rates, may apply.


Q. Can I pay bills with City's mobile banking?

A. Yes. If you are enrolled in bill pay, you can pay bills to a payee that you have already set up. To add a new payee, log in to the online banking site, select Bill Payment and add a new payee. You can then submit payments to that payee using your mobile device.


To cancel a bill payment you made using mobile banking, you must log in to the online banking site.


If you are not currently enrolled in bill pay, learn more here.


Q. What happens if I lose communication/signal during a transaction?
A. When you complete a transaction from your mobile device (bill payment, funds transfer, etc.) you will receive a Text Message as confirmation that the transaction was successful. If you do not receive this message due to a dropped call or lost signal, check your accounts and re-submit any transactions that did not process.


Q. What do I need to do if I get a new phone?
A. If you simply get a new phone, but are using the same phone number and provider, no changes on your part are necessary. If you switch providers and/or phone numbers, log in to an internet-based Online Banking account and update your information on the Options > Mobile Settings page, including your phone number, to receive text messages regarding mobile banking transactions.


Q. What if I no longer want to use City's mobile banking?
A. Log in to the internet-based online banking account. Select Options > Mobile Settings > Deselect Activate Mobile Banking Access > Click Agree.

Q. What happens if I lose my mobile device?
A. Since your account data is not stored on your mobile device, your information cannot be stolen. When you replace your device, simply edit your Mobile Settings and make any changes to the Wireless Provider and/or Phone Number.


Q. What if I can’t get my mobile device to work with Internet Banking?
A. If you have any questions, please contact the Electronic Banking Customer Service Support Center for assistance at (888) 816-8064. The call center is currently available from 8am to 8pm Monday through Friday and 8am to 5pm on Saturday. You can also contact your local branch.