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City’s Mobile App Puts You in Control

Whether your debit card gets misplaced or you just want more control over how and when it can be used, City makes it easy. All you have to do is open your City app (if you don’t have it, you can get it free for iOS or Android) and go to Preferences. There you select Manage Cards and simply suspend the card. Right away, you can rest assured that the card is locked and cannot be used. And if you find it later or want to re-activate it, you can just go back to the app and unlock your card.

You can also use the app to report if your card is stolen or lost for good. This is done the same way, but note that it can’t be undone with the app. To get a new debit card after reporting yours lost or stolen, you’ll need to contact your local branch.

It’s as easy as that: Go into Preferences on your City app, select Manage Cards and Suspend your card if you can’t find it or just want it locked for a while, or Report it lost or stolen if you know it’s gone permanently.

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